I was lucky in quite a number of ways, really. I was an SpR at the time, working in an A&E unit, which meant that I caught the plague before it officially became an epidemic. I collapsed at work, so I had proper supportive care all the way through – hydration and oxygen before those things became like gold dust.

And, of course, we all lucked out, in a way, that the plague happened when it did. When I was a kid, meat was cheap, and there were animal products in absolutely everything. I can’t imagine there would be many redliners walking about these days if the plague had struck then. As it was, of course, 80% or more of the population were functionally vegan, 90% of the time.

So I survived the epidemic, before it became common knowledge that those who died of it were rising again, and, after my recovery, I ate no flesh before it became known the virus lay dormant in the flesh of those who survived it, ready to be wakened again by the consumption of meat.

I was lucky. I know that. I think it every time I wake and see my red-trimmed tunic hanging on the back of my door.